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This beautiful 2-year-old girl, Sadie Salt dies while eating sausage at nursery



This two-year-old girl tragically dies after she got choked while eating a piece of sausage in kindergarten.

Sadie Salt suddenly stopped breathing while eating at Mini Learners in Hertz Radlett.

An ambulance was called to the scene, and the teenager was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

Despite the best efforts of the medical staff, the teenager, who lived with her family in Barney, died two days later, on November 14.

A fundraising page has now been set up for the COSMIC Child Intensive Care Charitable Foundation, which has so far raised more than 37 37,000 on behalf of family members Zo, Adam, Acha Akari and Josh Oshua.

“We are devastated to have lost our beautiful Sadie on Saturday 14th November,” a tribute on the page reads.

“Sadie spent two days in St Mary’s Hospital paediatric ICU where the care she, mummy and daddy received was incredible.

“The team at the ICU are beyond amazing and the care for Sadie and the support for us was outstanding. They do an amazing job and fully deserve all the support they can get.

“They took tremendous care of our Sadie and us and nothing was too much to make us all feel loved, cared for and supported.”

They added: “We are in terrible pain as we suffer the untimely loss of our daughter and sister, but the huge support of love from you all has been overwhelming.”

They said further, “We are so proud to tell you that she was able to help others by donating vital organs to go on and save lives.

“Please show your love and support for Sadie and us by giving to this wonderful charity. It means so much to us all and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for thinking of us.”

Family friends Darren Ruback and Claire Nicole have also launched a petition calling for sausages to be banned from all nurseries.

It reads: “Tragically on the 14th November 2020, Darren’s best friend’s daughter lost her life after choking on a piece of sausage whilst having her lunch at nursery.

“We are fully aware that accidents happen but things can also be put in place to prevent these accidents occurring.

“Sausages are renowned for their awkward shape and tough skin, thus making it extra challenging for small children to chew. Grapes fall into the same category.

“We are appealing to get sausages and grapes banned from all nursery settings ASAP so no other family has to go through the devastation and heartbreak that so many people have felt this weekend.”

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