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17-year-old boy kills himself after he and his mom found covered in blood on Indian Head Hwy.



According to police officers in Prince George’s County, A 17-year-old  from Washington died after him and his mother were found covered in blood.

Police have continued to investigate the incident of stabbing to death on the early Sunday morning.

According to reports gathered, the officers were at the scene of an accident involving Indian Head Hwy. and Livingston Rd. Just south of Beltway, a woman, later identified as a teenage mother, approached them in a bloodbath.

Officers say the mother told them that her son had tried to kill her while she was in the car with him and that he was acting “irregularly” before stabbing her several times.

According to the police, he initially met the officers before he became aggressive, tried to attack the officers, the officers tried to restrain him.

Officers say they mocked him before he was successfully detained, and when he was apprehended, two large wounds were found in his neck.

He was taken to Fairfax Inova Hospital for treatment, where he died later in the morning, police said. On the 4th.

Three officers in Prince George’s Lodge were reportedly unharmed.

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