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The obsessed ‘rooster head’ disappeared, Trump turned gray in 8 days (Pictures)



The picture on below is when US President Donald Trump, 74, gave a speech at the White House on the 5th. Until this time, his hair was yellow as usual. However, on the 13th and 8th, his appearance on the official statue was noticeably different. His hair was white in only 8 days.

On social media (SNS), there are many speculations about his suddenly changed hair color. President Trump, who doesn’t admit losing the presidential election, is outwardly shouting “I will sue”, but there is an interpretation that it is a big concern that there is no situation to dye.

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The rooster hair’ style with yellow hair fixed with spray is President Trump’s trademark. He has maintained this hairstyle since he gained a reputation as a real estate developer decades ago.

President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen also mentioned Trump’s unique hairstyle in his memoirs. Before grooming, the dyed blond strands descend under one shoulder, he argues, that he combs them over the other side and places them on top of the head.

Anecdotes showing President Trump’s attachment to his hairstyle often appear in the media. Last September, the US current affairs magazine The Atlantic argued that the reason President Trump cancelled his visit to the US military cemetery in France in November 2018 was “because his hairstyle might be damaged on a rainy day.”

In addition, the New York Times (NYT) previously reported, “When President Trump pointed out that the shower head pressure in the White House was low because of his hair, the US administration changed the administrative rules so that the showerhead pressure could be raised.”

It is from this background that netizens are interested in the suddenly changed hair color.

One of the observations that “there may be a sudden white hair due to stress from the pressure of the monk’s clothes”, and there is also a claim that “it may be intentional directing to gain public sympathy.

Meanwhile, President Trump posted a post on Twitter on the 15th that “he (Biden) won because the election was manipulated.” However, when this article was interpreted by some media as “acknowledging defeat in the presidential election,” he again posted a rebuttal tweet saying, “a manipulated election, we will win.”

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