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Meet Kenyan lawyer Charles Mwangi who claimed the world will end in 6 years time



Kenyan lawyer Charles Mwangi who describes himself as a “prophet” of God, argued that the coronavirus epidemic that devastated the world was a punishment from the Lord

The learned man claimed that God took him to heaven when he was in the fifth class and He was one of the two witnesses of the Almighty.

He claimed that in six years he would rule the world, Jesus, from Israel as another Witness from Kenya.

Speaking to Standard Digital, Mwangi revealed that he was taken to heaven when he was in fifth grade and was one of the Two Witnesses of the Almighty.

“I was taken to heaven by God when I was in Class Five and Jesus told me that I will be one of the two witnesses of the revelation. When I was in the second year in university studying law, the Lord called me and he told me there were some things he wanted to teach me,” Mwangi professed to add:

“He dropped me from heaven and the next day, I found myself in bed. When I told my friends they all thought I was insane,” he said. The High Court advocate dismissed claims he was mad having been taken to Mathari Mental Hospital and subjected to electric shocks to remove the “voices”.

“I stayed out of the university for six years after the ordeal and the Lord returned me and told me I will be one of the two witnesses of the revelation. The Bible says these two witnesses will come from Kenya.. Isaiah 18…these witnesses will prophesy before Jesus returns and for a certain period after which they will be killed by 666 in Israel,” Mwangi narrated.

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