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Taylor Ackerman Has Passed Away



Sad to report that Taylor Ackerman has sadly passed away. Taylor Ackerman was reported to have died yesterday 14 November 2020. Circumstances surrounding her death was not made known to the public. She leaves behind her young son.

Friends have trooped in the social media to pen down their heartfelt tributes for Taylor Ackerman who tragically left the world.

One of her friends, Britnee took to her Facebook page to write a lengthy post about the memories she shared with Taylor.

READ WHAT SHE WROTE: Yesterday we all lost an amazing friend, mama and i am so lost right now. I Can’t stop looking at all the pictures we have together and just remembering all the amazing times we had. I will never forget getting caught by your dad after sneaking out of your window in the middle of the night to get hot Cheetos and dr. Pepper. That is just one memory that I will forever hold onto. We have so many more but I would be typing all night.

I am so torn up and heartbroken over all of this I have no idea how to handle it. You are loved by so many people love. I will miss my best friend since we were 10 so much. I love you so much tay bay. You were like a sister to me and my family always calls you their daughter. I can’t believe this is real. Taylor, you will forever be with me.


Friends: please please please reach out to me or ANYONE else if you need any help with anything.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian Ángel Delgado

    November 16, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    Taylor me has echo la persona más feliz en mi vida he pedido tanto amor pero tu me diste tanto que llevaste mi corazón Taylor por ti muero eres toda mi respiración te amo con todo mi corazón Taylor Ackerman estaras en mis pensamientos siempre todavía no entiendo que ya hayas ido me cuesta mucho admitirlo, Taylor soy Brian te amo y te amare toda mi vida ohana amor por siempre lo llevaré descansa te amo

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