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Inventor of chessboxing, Iepe Rubingh Has Passed Away



Iepe Rubingh, Dutch performance artist, the inventor of chessboxing and one of the primary subjects of the documentary – was found dead in his apartment at age 45. The cause of death is still unknown at this point, but it seems as though he died peacefully in his sleep of what seem to be natural causes (and apparently not of COVID-19).

Rubingh founded chess boxing in 2003, drawing inspiration from Enki Bilal’s comic book Froid Équateur.

He was the President of the World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) for many years and CEO of Chess Boxing Global, the marketing company for professional chessboxing.

In 2020 (14.05.2020) the leading chess news site ChessBase (Germany), publisher of professional chess literature and owner of the Playchess site (approx. 275,000 registered users, data for 2020) published detailed biographical data about the artist and the athlete Iepe Rubingh, as well as his active work, with which he stands out throughout his life.

As a performance artist, Rubingh blocked off intersections in Berlin and Tokyo (Shibuya Crossing) to create major traffic congestion. He was jailed for 10 days for the Tokyo action.

The Queen’s Gambit is dedicated to lepe Rubingh, the inventor of chess boxing, who died aged 45 in May this year of unknown causes. Chess boxing is a hybrid sport, where competitors compete in alternating rounds of chess and boxing.

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