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England former goalkeeper, Ray Clemence dies at the age of 72



Former Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and England goalkeeper Ray Clemens have died at the age of 72.

From 1972 to 1983, Clemens made 61 appearances for the Three Lions.


At club level, he won the league six times at Liverpool, as did three European Cup-winning teams.

In the announcement, his family says: “It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that Ray Clemens passed away today surrounded by his loving family.

“After fighting for so long, he has been at peace for so long, he has no pain anymore.

“The family would like to thank you very much for the love and support you have received over the years. He was so loved by all of us, he will never be forgotten. ”

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He was widely considered to be the biggest goalkeeper of the club. Clement was a real object at the height of the “reds” ‘s dominance among the woods, at home and abroad.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005, Clemence has been instrumental in raising awareness about the effects of the disease.

Last two years, Clements recently headed to the Aston Villa Educational Complex to join his son, Steven, in contributing to the risk of cancer alongside a leading prostate cancer charity for men’s health.

“It really didn’t come from nothing,” Ray said. “I was over 50, I did not feel bad at all. In fact, when I went to the bathroom, the flow of water was not as strong as it used to be; I never felt like emptying my bladder.

“I used to be with the England team as a coach, I talked to physicist Gary Levine, I explained the situation when he asked my age, he mentioned the PSA test.”

Clemence was diagnosed, his prostate gland was removed. After that he had hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He then recovered from a brain tumor.

In June 1967, Scunthorpe signed £ 18,000, and Clem, as Alison Becker is today – instilled confidence in those who played before her, and In the 1978/79 season, he conceded just 16 times in 42 games.

He helped Anfield become a fortress, keeping 28 unbeaten goals in 21 games, conceding just four goals. This is when people like Frank Worthington, Liam Brady and Bob Lechford walked around the penalty box.

He became a permanent goalkeeper in 1970, eventually replacing Tommy Lawrence with only six games left in his next 11 years.

Not only did he show his importance to his five league title successes, Clemence also proved his worth in Europe when Liverpool won the UEFA Cup in 1973 and 1976 by making penalty saves against both Borussia Monchengladbach and Dynamo Dresden.

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And this is a man who never actually wanted to play in goal, once modestly remarking that it was because he couldn’t play anywhere else.

“I never really played in goal until I was 15 years of age,” he told “I started off at nine years of age as a centre forward.

“In my early teenage years, I played centre-half and left-back. I enjoyed both those positions, probably left back better than centre-half. And just by chance one day we were short of a goalkeeper and the sports master at school nominated me to go into the goal. When I went into the goal it was just natural for me to do.”

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