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Self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri reveals why he left South Africa to Malawi in a new Twitter video



Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has stated his reasons for leaving South Africa to Malawi.

He said he does not feel safe in South Africa.

Bushiri says he was “almost shot dead in Sandon” in February this year, and that authorities have done nothing about it.

While speaking through a Twitter video on Saturday evening, the Prophet said he feels that his stay in South Africa has been a threat to his own life, and he is waiting to hear from the Malawian president.

Bushiri and his wife, Mary, toured the country on Wednesday.

After their recent arrest on money laundering charges, each was granted R200,000, bail each.

Bushiri has made five demands to the South African government, which include the recusal of those involved in their trial from investigators to prosecutors. He requested the government of Malawi to liaise with the South African government to ensure that their demands are met.

“Once these five issues are met and I am assured of a fair, just and impartial trial, I am willing to avail myself before the South Africa justice system,” Bushiri said in his Facebook post.

These are Bushiri’s demands to the SA government:

The South African government should assure a couple of their safety and security if they return to the country.

The government should assure them that their bail would not be revoked, despite defying their bail conditions.

“Our right to fair trial entails that we have access to our lawyers all the time. Revocation of the bail defeats our right to a fair trial and also exposes us to further security and safety challenges,” Bushiri said.

The police officers involved in investigating, arresting, and prosecuting the Bushiris should recuse themselves.

“This is the same team that I earlier lodged a complaint against and, also, opened cases against. I won’t have a fair trial with their continued involvement,” the self-proclaimed prophet stated.

The South African government should ensure all complaints lodged and opened against the officers are investigated before proceeding with the case against them.

The South African government should appoint “independent and professional investigators, and prosecutors who should make independent decisions on the cases we are allegedly accused of.”


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