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Khayelitsha Protest Today: Three buses, a car and a truck were torched in Western Cape during a service delivery protests



Protests erupted in Khayelitsha Western Cape on Thursday over, allegedly housing-related problem. Three buses and trucks were burnt.

The protests erupted on Highway N2, causing major delays for CBD and drivers at Cape Town International Airport.

The regional education department has expressed concern about school students who have had difficulty reaching their examination centres due to disruptions.

Cape Town traffic spokesperson Kevin Jacobs said traffic was severely affected.

“The N2 inbound is closed at Macassar Road. The N2 outbound is closed at Borcherds Quarry. The R300 link onto the N2 outbound towards Somerset West is closed in both directions. Baden Powell Drive is closed between Japhta K Masemola and the N2.”

Jacobs said those attempting to get to the airport from Somerset West would have to divert and go through the suburbs, which would mean significant delays.

Members of the public order policing unit have been deployed.

From the video, the commuter busses can be seen going up in flames as the road seemed deserted.

Similarly, the situation had happened in Cape Town road in recent times where two Golden Arrow buses were torched before sunrise on Monday morning, as hundreds of commuters battled to get to work.

Education department spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said in a statement that as per national examination regulations, candidates would be allowed to start writing their exams up until 10 am.

“Given the disruption caused by widespread protests, we will allow learners the full time, should they arrive by 10 am. If they are unable to start writing by 10 am, we will engage with [department of basic education] to schedule a backup paper in the event that large numbers are unable to arrive at their venues.”

Hammond said candidates could not be accommodated at other centres as there was no provision for space and social distancing, additional exam papers were not available, and administrative systems were unable to accommodate them.

The police said in a statement that protesters in Makaza had taken to the streets, blockading parts of Baden Powell Drive towards the N2.

“[Police] and other law enforcement agencies are policing the protest that is underway in Khayelitsha, according to available information about three buses and a truck that were torched by the protesters in Makaza. Baden Powell road towards the N2 is closed.”

With more information from Timeslive

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