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British woman, Michelle Williams fights for her life with brain damage after undergoing a nose job in Turkey



A British mother is now fighting for her life with severe seizures she got after having nose surgery in Turkey.

She underwent surgery at a private hospital in Istanbul, 46-year-old Michelle Williams, a teacher from East London, suffered a brain injury – breathing through the trachea of ​​her throat.

“It’s a nightmare,” Nikisha Lynch, 37, told The Sun.

Michelle has lived in many things. “She did not regain consciousness after the incident, she received some brain injuries, but we do not know to what extent.”

Ms Williams, who worked as a 6th-grade elementary school teacher in Turkey, underwent a rhinoplasty procedure on August 14 during the summer school holidays.

She reportedly spent around £3,500 on a procedure at a private hospital in Istanbul.

On the morning of August 14, an excited Ms Williams called family including her three sisters, 65-year-old mum, and daughter LaCharné Gray, 27, to let them know she was about to go into surgery.

“I spoke to Michelle at 7.20 am and the next thing, I got a phone call at about 12.20 pm telling me that she had suffered a cardiac arrest,” said Ms Lynch.

“Michelle entered the private hospital completely healthy and what her future will look like no one knows,” added her sister, a qualified social worker who has previously studied operating department practice.

“She has a zest for life and loves spending time with her family. My hope is she comes home and can get the correct treatment.

“We just don’t know what damage has been done.”

Ms Lynch added the family is suing the hospital for medical negligence.

Lawyer Burcu Holmgren, of London Legal International, is working with the family and said: “I have spoken to hospital management in detail. We are in the process of suing the hospital.

“We contacted the British Consulate in Istanbul and also the Turkish Health Ministry, they are investigating the situation.”

A Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office spokesperson said: “Our staff are supporting a British woman in a hospital in Turkey. We have offered advice to her, and are in contact with her family, her legal representatives and the Turkish health authorities.”




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