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7 people have died after an Helicopter with Israel-Egypt peacekeepers crashed in Sinai



A helicopter crash in Egypt’s Sinai Desert involving multinational surveillance forces killed seven people on Thursday, including five Americans, a citizen of France and the Czech Republic.

According to Brad Lynch, an official with the Multinational Observer Force (MFO), told AFP that he was “actively investigating an incident involving one of our helicopters today.”
Lynch had no details about the deaths.

But an Israeli source, who asked not to be named, told AFP: “A helicopter crashed. I have information that there were seven victims. “Five of them are Americans, one is French and one is Czech.”

The Rome-based MFO was created in 1979 with the consent of Israel and Egypt to oversee parts of the historic peace treaty signed by the two countries that year.

It includes staff from 13 countries with more than 400 Americans serving in 1,100 international outfits.

Egypt for a long time has been waging a fierce battle against Islamic State militants in northern Sinai for years, which has escalated in recent months as violence escalates.

A bomb blast near the northern Sinai city of Bir al-Abed on April 30 killed at least 10 Egyptian soldiers. The Egyptian Interior Ministry reports that on March 1, Egyptian troops killed 18 Islamic militants near the city.

Hundreds of Egyptians have been killed by militants in Sinai over the past decade.

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