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Jayden Lotz Has Passed Away



Sad to report that Jayden Lotz has passed away. She was reported to have died on November 6 2020. Circumstances surrounding her death was not made known to the public.

Jayden Lotz went to Centennial High School (Bakersfield California). She studied Economics & Accounting at UC Santa Barbara.

Jeannine Sheldon Philips took to her Facebook page to write a lengthy post about Jayden Lotz.

READ:  This beautiful young woman, Jayden Lotz brought so much joy to so many. She was just on the brink of her Life. I am so honoured and privileged that her Beautiful Mom, Angela Gause Dhanens shared her time with Jayden with me. Jayden passed away early Friday morning, November 6, 2020. And the world is a darker place without her light. These are the words of her Beautiful and courageous Mom, Angela.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…and every parent hopes with all of their being that they will not ever have to do it. But because of the intelligence, beauty, kindness, love, and passion she gave the world, I owe it to her to give this tiny tribute in return.

This bright shining light in our lives passed away Friday morning, leaving our hearts shattered, and our minds in disbelief.

Jayden was so many things, to so many people, that it’s hard to put into words the profound grief and shock our family is feeling right now. She was perpetually motivated and excelled in school, she had social justice commitments that were beyond admirable, she loved her family with her whole heart, and she stood by friends through any trials they faced.

She was the embodiment of human excellence. It may be cliche, but she was beautiful inside and out, equally.

Anything I can say is inadequate. Words can never fully express the joy and beauty and thoughtfulness she brought to everyone and everything she set her sights on.
I hope everyone who reads this will be able to feel some of her power and strength. Revel in it, and take at least a tiny little piece of her awesomeness with you, wherever you are and wherever you go…I promise you won’t regret it. “We all love and will miss your light so much, Jayden.

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