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Dallas rapper, Melvin Noble reportedly have been shot, now hospitalized



Dallas rapper, Melvin Noble has been shot In The Head, sources say that he was rushed to Hospital.

Popularly nicknamed Mo3, got shot earlier this morning but seemed to be doing okay. The rapper 26-year-old rapper made it a priority to fill his fans in on how he was doing directly after being shot.

His took to his Instagram Story to share a since-deleted video in which he revealed that he was shot in the hand and possibly the back of his head, but he was doing good.

If you are fearful of blood, then you may want to pass on the video as he shows bloodstains all over the shirt he is wearing.

Official medical reports coming out of Dallas are that the rapper is in stable condition. Many people have bashed the rapper for messing around with his life by wasting precious seconds to post to the gram instead of rushing to seek medical attention


popular Alabama artist HoneyKombBrazy was shot at while on Instagram live. According to the artist Instagram, he was able to defend himself and make it out of the incident. According to reports, Honeycomb was shot 8 times.

Reacting to the near-death shooting, the posted shared the video on his Instagram and posted “They tried to creep a nigga today. We turned that bitch to the 4th of July doe!”.

Watch The Moment Honeykom Brazy While On IG Live

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