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American Punk band, Leftover Crack bassist, Alec Bailey dies



The American Punk rock band, Leftover Crack mourns the loss of their member, popular American bassist Alec Bailey.

Alec Bailey’s death was first known through a Facebook post shared by Ryan Bland where he said he is really going to miss him. Ryan said he first met Alec in the early ’90s and they eventually reconnected the last few years.

He said he was someone who always encouraged him as an artist. Back in the 90’s he got  his Hardcore band signed to Profile records because he insisted they listen to their Demo.

“I’m really going to miss my old Buddy Alec Baillie from Choking Victim/Leftover Crack. We first meet in the early 90’s and reconnected in the last few years. He was someone who always encouraged me as an artist. Back in the 90’s he got my old Hardcore band signed to Profile records because he insisted they listen to our Demo. He always made me feel good about myself when we talked.”

Ryan said: – “He gave me confidence as a vocalist in my early band years. That’s what real friends do. It was a pleasure Knowing you my sweet friend. I have so much love & respect for you. I’m really going to miss running into you. It seemed like all the time recently. I love you man. RIP Alec

Alec Bailey was a Bassist at Leftöver Crack & Choking Victim.

He grew up in Manhattan and attended the same high school as his future fellow Scott “Stza” Sturgeon. In the early nineties, Bailey, Dunia Best, and Jay Nugent and Ara Babajyan formed the third channel ska group, Agent 99.

In 1998, three years after the band split, the album Little Pieces 1993–1995 was released. Bailey later formed a short-lived punk band called No Commercial Value Stza. Bailey later joined Stza’s Choking Victim after the departure of basketball player Sascha Scatter, and continued to play for Choking Victim from 1995 to 1997.

After the dissolution of Choking Victim, Bailey continues to join the familiar lineup of Leftöver Crack.

Its members include Stza and  Ezra, both of whom play Baillie at Choking Victim.

He studied Economics at California State University, Sacramento and went to Bayard Rustin High School for the Humanities.

Although born from Manhattan he lived all his life in New York City.

Who Are The Leftover Crack Band

Leftöver Crack is an American punk rock band formed in 1998, following the breakup of Choking Victim. The band is currently signed to Fat Wreck Chords for CD releases and Alternative Tentacles for vinyl releases.

The band consists of Scott Sturgeon (vocals), Brad Logan (guitar), Alec Baillie (bass guitar), Donny Morris (drums) Chris Mann (guitar). Leftöver Crack spans several different music genres including hardcore punk, ska, and crust punk. They write mostly political lyrics of a radical leftist nature, opposing religion, capitalism, and authority.

Members of Leftöver Crack reside in the C-Squat on 155 Avenue C in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City. Natives of New York City, band members have a well-documented history of back-and-forth conflict with the NYPD which precedes the band’s formation.

The name “Leftöver Crack” is explained by Stza as being “an oxymoron”, based on the idea that cracks cocaine addicts are known for vigorous use, and are unlikely to have any “leftover” crack.


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1 Comment

  1. Jonah

    November 11, 2020 at 7:49 am

    Spelling on Baillie is wrong throughout the whole article.

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