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5-year-old Girl Dies Few Days After Testing Positive For COVID-19



A 5-year-old girl identified as Tegan White who lived t in Amarillo, Texas, United States, lost her life on October 30, due to COVID-19 complications.

According to Tagan’s mother, Lastassija White, doctors told them that her daughter would be fine and was discharged – less than 24 hours later she was dead.

Lastassija White started noticing something weird about her daughter on Tuesday, October 27.

“She was just sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. That went on until Tuesday and Wednesday. She was still eating and drinking, and then Wednesday night she started throwing up. So that Thursday, that’s when I decided to take her to the ER,” said Lastassija White.

There they did the coronavirus test and the little girl tested positive.

Shee had no fever, no cough.

And the doctors told White that the girl ‘ would be fine ‘ because Covid-19 did not affect children as much.

The parents of Tagan, who had just started kindergarten, do not know how the girl was infected, who always insisted on the importance of wearing a mask.

The truth is that the morning after Tagan left the hospital, her mother found her unconscious in her bed.

She was still breathing and called an emergency.

Shortly after, Tagan died.

Her father, Quincy Drone, told KAMR that he feels his daughter ” could be saved .”

“This doctor told us our daughter would be fine, and she didn’t survive 24 hours. He died in the next 15 hours ”.

The city’s public health director, Casie Stoughton, expressed her condolences.

“We are heartbroken, and our thoughts and prayers go out to that particular family and to any family that has lost someone in our community.”

Tagan’s father Quincy Drone, said, “We feel as parents that our daughter could have been saved. I mean, we feel that we’re not just saying that because it’s our daughter. We just honestly feel like even if … they probably shouldn’t have sent her home. I mean it was just mistakes made … too many mistakes made that cost a 5-year-old her life.”

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