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19-year-old student from Cardiff University dies after taking her own life last month on a visit home to Shropshire.


This is Lily Arkright, a 19-year-old student from Cardiff University who died last month while visiting Shropshire House.

Lily Arkwright, a 19-year-old student from Cardiff University, died last month while visiting Shropshire House.

His family chose to share what happened as they wanted more support from students struggling with the scourge of the epidemic.

Lily’s mother, Annie Arkright, told ITV News how their once lively daughter began to lose confidence as restrictions closed.

Read the family statement below

Universities in the UK are urging the government to provide more resources for the mental health of students in connection with the isolation of students who are associated with isolation.

Data shared by UK universities with ITV News show that although the Welsh government has provided an additional 80 80 for each student in the UK for further education, in England the figure is just ֆ 2.

During the first week of the March national blockade, the UK’s largest online student community, the Student Room, saw an increase in 87% of reports of suicides in need of support.

According to the epidemic, conversations about anxiety and depression on the site increase by more than three quarters (77%).

Below is Lily Arkright’s Family Statement About What actually Happened

“There was no communication in terms of lectures.

“Everything was online,  and Lily’s happy social life was shortened.

“I think it had a drastic effect on her mental well-being,” said Annie.

“Light and life began to dry up through her.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“She did not know where to turn, there was no way for that.”

Lily was thought to have had a consultation in Cardiff, but it was not postponed.

And Annie  and Lily’s 17-year-old brother ont onnti believe that the block took away Lily’s usual support system.

“If she told me I would be there, she would ask me something,” he said.

“But I think the restrictions meant she felt more and more isolated.”

Arkwrights would like the tragedy of Lily’s death to help other students.

“I really feel that universities can do more to help young people.

“It is difficult to reach out. “But if you are asked, it is much easier to tell someone what is going on in your head,” she said.

A spokesman for Cardiff University said: “We are aware of the tragic death of our student.

“We know that the coronavirus epidemic has posed unprecedented challenges and pressures to everyone, including our students. We have provided additional advice and welfare assistance. ”

But Annie wants to see more funding for each university to make sure there is the right help.

“Lily was described as a beam of light,” she said. “If we can use that energy only for people to ask for help, go see someone, help or consult.” ,

“Please help, there is always someone there to help you.”

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