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See what Wendy Williams thinks about Donald Trump’s demand for election recount



Talk show host Wendy Williams said President Donald Trump has the right to recount if he really believes the election was “stolen from him.”

Wendy Williams agrees to have one. In the USA 2020 presidential election was a nail-biter as Americans waited for days for the predicted winner, President-elect Biden.

After the vote (November 3), Trump made it clear that not only did he not believe the ballots in the mail, but he resolutely declared that the election was being stolen from him.

Lawsuits have reportedly been filed in various states, including Arizona, NJ, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, where allegations that the counting process was rigged.

In fact, there is no evidence that there was any fraud or electoral fraud, but President Trump is undecided.

She used her platform to comment on the recent election events, saying that she thinks Trump deserves his recount.

“I do believe that Donald Trump, our president, has every right to investigate,” said Wendy. “If he feels this election was stolen from him, then he has the right.

He and his chief counsel, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who have been on TV all weekend long explaining what’s going to happen, then he has the right.”

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