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Rapper Quando Rondo show cancelled, Lil Durk buys all his show tickets & deactivate his own Instagram account



Rumour has it that rapper Lil Dirk bought dozens of tickets for Quando Rondo’s next show, which were later cancelled.

For lack of a better word, a vicious mess ensues following the death of King Von who was shot dead on Friday night.

The rapper was killed after a brief assault outside an Atlanta nightclub. In a new interview, King Von’s manager spoke to DJ Akademiks about what happened, explaining that Von was not himself that night.

He was reportedly much less careful than usual, rushing to a Quando car and being overwhelmed by an alleged crew member.

Quando Rondo is said to have remained silent after the death of King Von. Lil Durk, a close affiliate of Von, deleted his Instagram in private.

According to new rumours, which may have just come from the mouth, Durk is also preparing for his revenge, with several sources claiming that he bought all the tables at the upcoming Quando Rondo show, forcing the event to be cancelled.


Take this information with a grain of salt. Right now, the reasoning seems to be solely from the speculation of the fans.

As fans are still speculating his next move, Lil Durk deactivated his Instagram account leaving many of his fans locked out of his next move.

It was scheduled to take place on November 28 at the Shockflow Entertainment Center, but was cancelled due to Quando’s “current legal status.”

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