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Qwaun Charles: Family Are Demanding Justice



The Family of Quawan Bobby Charles is demanding justice for the death of their son who tragically passed away last month.

The teen boy 15 years of age was reported missing on Friday, October 30 in Baldwin. According to the family members, Charles left his home in Baldwin, Louisiana with a 17-year-old friend and the teen’s mother without permission.

At around 3:00 p.m that day, Charlie’s mother, Roxanne Nelson, said she had called to try to find out where he was. Later that night at 8 p.m. Around 8:00, Nelson called 911 to report his son missing after receiving no information from Charles.

His Gofundme Account Post Read: On the evening of October 30th, Quawan Charles was picked up from his father’s house by a white male and his mother. His body was found on November 2nd. The parish of St. Mary refuses to release the findings of the autopsy.


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The family said they were told that their son drowned but the spokesperson for the family, Celina Charles said one reason she and other family members don’t believe Quawan drowned is a graphic photo of Quawan’s body circulating on social media.

“His face is disfigured. So there’s some explaining that needs to be done there. His face is disfigured,” Charles said.

People React To Quawan Charles Death

Monica Barron Wrote – you all as a mother, as a human being my heart is so hurt for Quawan Charles and his family! To me, he’s a baby and justice needs to served! if you know history, his murder is being compared to 14 yr old Emmit Till who was MURDERED in 1955. Q.Charles death photos are circulating so plz speak to your children about social media but don’t hide the truth. TALK TO OUR CHILDREN!.

Coraline Wrote – A black boy was Lynched. Beaten like Emmit Till and left for dead like so many others. Quawan Charles, a Louisiana 15 year boy was lynched. His autopsy looks similar to Emmett Till. He went missing Oct 30 & was found 3 days later. This needs the full coverage of the media.

Maurice Andre San-Chez Wrote – RIP Quawan Charles. This 15-year-old Black boy was lynched by yt folks in Lafayette, Louisiana. On Nov 3rd. It has not made national news. The police refused to put out an amber alert when his family came and reported him missing. The family has had to hire their own medical examiner to perform an autopsy. There is a go fund me page to support this effort. I am not going to link it because the pictures are graphic and you should be warned before you search. Yt folks especially, go donate to that page. Google his name, you’ll find it.

Watch Video: Vigil Held For Quawan Charles In Baldwin

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