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Meet prophet advocate Joshua Zim, the man who saw Ginimbi’s death



His death was shocking, but he had been warned about it for the past few months. This prophet from Harare, advocate named Joshua Zim in a Youtube video, actually saw Ginimbi’s death and asked for prayer on his behalf.

His death was confirmed by the Assistant Commissioner for National Police, who said: “The accident took place this morning along Borrowdale Road, and it is claimed that Kadungure died on the spot. We are gathering more information on the issue. ”


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GInimbi’s death was last month apparently prophesied by Pastor Joshua when he said that some people had conspired to kill him.

It is not clear whether the message reached Ginimbi before his sudden death, or whether he simply ignored the message.

The 5-minute video, uploaded on October 4, 2020, warns Ginimbi of his life, has reappeared on the Internet.

In the video shows the prophecy of the Prophet where he sought urgent intercession for a lavish Harare businessman and socialite.

It is reported that in the video, the Prophet Joshua gave Ginimbi 72 hours to pray for his life, and called on others to pray for him so that the prophecy would not be fulfilled.

In the video, Prophet Joshua Zim prophesies that if he did not pray within the prescribed 72 hours, or if he did not pray for his life, he would die in an incident of one month, one year, two years, or three years.

You can hear the man of God saying: –  “Urgent prayers are necessary for a Genius, very rich… because in the spiritual realm there is an event of a catastrophic nature, you are going to witness this if prayers, serious prayers are not made by him or on his behalf in 72 hours… is it fire, is it water, is it the body, is the air? we have to pray, these prayers have to be made within 72 hours…”

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