Home World News Election judge supervisor in Missouri who worked shifts dies after election

Election judge supervisor in Missouri who worked shifts dies after election


A Missouri poll worker who worked on the site on Tuesday tested positive for COVID-19 on October 30 dies after he ignored quarantine advice.

The St. Charles County District Election Judge Officer received a positive COVID-19 test on October 30, violating the 14-day quarantine period offered at the polling station, district health officials said.

The county did not say when the unidentified man died, nor did it issue an official cause.

Another nine employees of the Blanchett Park Memorial polling station contacted the epidemiologists of the health department and advised them to get tested for the virus.

The county said the controller was unlikely to be in close contact with one of the 1,858 voters at the polling station on Tuesday, as handing out ballots could not be part of their job description.

However, anyone in the area should be aware of COVID-19 symptoms, officials said.

All county election officials were required to wear a mask or face shield at all times, and Plexiglas barriers separated them from voters, said Kurt Bach, director of the St. Charles County election.

The county director of public health reminded everyone infected with the virus to “be accountable to other people in the community.”

“There is no greater responsibility than to protect our families, our friends, those who live with us in the community,” said Demetrius Sianchi-Chapman.

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