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Political analyst on NBS & popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Anas Kaliisa have passed away



Sheikh Anas Kaliisa a well-known Muslim scholar and senior political analyst on NBS, has died.

Dr. Kaliisa, former director of the Institute for Research and Training, was a Middle East political analyst և one of the 21 founders of ևat akat և Executive Director of Waqf Uganda House

He was also the Secretary of the Ugandan Sheikhdom and the President of Uganda Muslim Lawyers.

Sheikh Kalisa was well-grounded in Islamic theology, law, history, customs, and sat at the top of the world’s Muslim scholars.

Dr. Kalisa was the elder brother of Next Media owner Kin Kariisa.

He was the the former Director of the Institute of Research and Training was a political analyst on Middle East affairs, and one of the 21 founders and the Managing Director House of Zakat and also one of the leaders of Salaam Charity Foundation.

Dr Anas serves also as the Secretary of the Eminent Council of Sheikhs of Uganda and Chairman Muslim Jurists Uganda.

He was also an expert in Islamic law, history and customs and sits on the apex body of world Muslim scholars.

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