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Kyrie Cutton Death – Few Things You Need To Know



Family and friends gathered on Tacoma Beach on Tuesday night to honor the memory of a young man killed sitting on his motorcycle by a person who is accused of driving while intoxicated on his motorcycle.

A vigil was held in honour of Kyrie Cutton real name is “Caire Cotton” at Jack Hyde Park.

They showed their anger at the judiciary at Monday’s hearing, but the family wanted to change the mood for Tuesday’s event.

“Anger or nothing,” said Carey’s mother, Candice Fraser. “I just really want to remember Kair: smiles, laughter. He is my blood, there is no other. ”

Kir (pronounced ky-ree) was riding his motorcycle on the side of the road in Tacoma, I-5, early Saturday night when government forces reported that a woman, allegedly drunk, had run into him.

According to the state patrol, Theresa Rafner tested positive for alcohol by 0.20, which is two and a half times the legal limit. The deputy prosecutor said he had previously been arrested by the DUI, but had only been convicted of driving recklessly. He said the $ 100,000 bail was fairly standard, but it upset the Kiry family.

One of the family members said loudly in court. “Can he go home?” Why can he go home? ” Carey’s father, Kobe Cotton, raised his voice. “What is this? My son will not come home anymore. My son will not come home.”

On Tuesday, Kobe said: “I am definitely a devastated person. “He had to go home if he could come to the rescue. We are standing in front of the funeral home. I am preparing my son’s funeral.”

Even in the middle of it, Carey’s grandmother, ette Annette Krut-Bullock, said: “We do not hate or love him. In any case, I pray for him because he needs help. ”

And now they are trying to move from tragedy to glorification of their son. “I just want people to remember him for being such an amazing person, I’m just asking him not to drink, to drive,” Candice said.

Kobe said he intends to get involved in tightening penalties for drunk drivers and hopes that one day there will be a “Caire’s Law” that will honor the memory of his son.

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