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Jose Mourinho in a new Instagram post reveals why he is always active on social media



Jose Mourinho is one of the most active coaches on the social network Instagram.

The Portuguese coach of Tottenham Hotspur had closed his account on this social network some time ago, but when he returns he is more active than ever before.

‘Special One’ now regularly posts photos from training, matches or after matches, significantly increasing the number of its followers.

The Portuguese currently has about 900 thousand followers on this social network, as he has also revealed the reason why he is active.

The 57-year-old said that he was introduced to Instagram for the fact that such a thing was asked of him by the sponsors, being very honest.

“I am not a person on Instagram by nature. “I will be honest, I have nothing to hide, my sponsors asked me to do it,” said Mourinho.

But he has said that he is not aware if his footballers are following him on this social network.

“The sponsors were not happy when I closed my Instagram account. Now I am more or less active with some interesting things. “I do not know if the players are following me, I see the entertaining profile”, declared ‘Special One’.

Mourinho had opened his Instagram account in February this year, so far he has made 50 posts.



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One more flight, one more movie, one more @europaleague match @spursofficial

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