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Zodwa Wabantu talks about how fans licking her punani during a show at Club Africa in Benoni, Gauteng



“I do not mind when the fans are licking my ponytail” – Zodwa Wabantu, this was her correct answer when asked how she felt when her fans licked her private while on stage.

Zodwa Wabantu has broken her silence on criticism after a video surfaced of fans licking her Punani.

In the video, Zodwa Wabantu fans where caught licking privates, while recently performing at Club Africa in Gauteng Benoni.

The controversial dancer and reality TV star told a local newspaper that she did not mind fans licking her parts. She said she was not worried because she could afford it.

In the viral video, Zodwa can be seen back dancing in front of the audience. As the show progresses, one man leans forward and leans forward. The third more courageous man extends his arms and slightly spreads Zodwa Wabantu’s legs so that he can take a good look at her punani.

The initiator, Zodwa later told the newsmen that she decides what she wants to do with her body.

She said she was not afraid of being sexually assaulted during the show, as there were always security guards willing to intervene if it got out of hand.

The dancer said a few words to the critics, who urged her to keep the puna secret. She said. “Those who say I should keep my job secret should keep it a secret.”

While speaking she said she did not view the actions of her fans as sexual harassment. The star said that she knew what was happening behind her, and she felt how her fans touched her.

She said she had to let them touch her as a show of love. Zodwa said that she likes to communicate with her fans during the performance, she leaves when she feels that it is out of control.

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