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Designer & Artist, Niko Dellios Has Passed Away



Talented designer, artist and founder, Crimson Goods, Niko Dellios has sadly passed away. Niko was reported to have tragically died yesterday November 3 2020. He was a designer at Dellios Design. Niko went to Savannah College Of Art and Design.

Niko’s friend, Marie Paoli took to her Facebook Account to write a lengthy post about Niko Dellios.

READ WHAT SHE POSTED: My dear friend Niko Dellios passed yesterday. It would be impossible to capture his spirit in this post, but I want the world to know that he was a rare and special person and his loss is immeasurable.

Niko was the kind of person you just kind of marvel at. He lived a life so completely on his own terms and it was beautiful and inspiring to witness. He was an insanely gifted artist, talented across many mediums and contexts; he was intelligent and thoughtful; the weird and absurd was his favorite; he loved music and had great taste in hip hop; he was deeply passionate about the environment and saw clearly the urgency with which we need to act to save the planet; he loved his crazy dog, Tazo, and their adventures together; and he was an incredible friend, brother, son, and more to so many people who love him.

He had a particular way of showing his love, but he was such a particular kind of person that it was easy to trust the more you knew him. We’ve always had such a peculiar and special relationship and I’ve deeply treasured the way it has evolved over the years.

There are so many memories. Listening to Mars Volta on max volume while reading and painting together in silence, building forts, riding around in the truck, sharing a bottle of Jack Daniels, piercing his nipple with my hoop earring, sketching, late-night chats with Delese or Garrett, reuniting year after year after we moved and watching each other grow up and become new versions of ourselves, exchanging music, Atmosphere in Santa Cruz, belly laughs in front of the fireplace, talking about love over a bowl of kava. I realize now that we were terrible at taking any photos, so I’ll have to keep those memories close!
With Niko, it always felt like you somehow shared a secret about what was special and important about life.

All he had to do was give you that look and you knew. He made me feel more alive. I am so, so grateful and I will miss him so much.

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