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Popular London Tattoo artist Yann Brenyak is dead



Popular Tattoo artist Yann Brenyak has been reported dead, His cause of that have not been disclosed to the public as of the time of writing this report.

The news of Yann Brenyak’s death was made public through an official Facebook post shared by Alex Rose a Tatto and Body artist working with Collective art & tattoo studio in Hammersmith Tattoo London on Tuesday morning.

“You’ll be missed so much my dear friend Yann Brënyàk 💔 There were only a few people on this planet with such a positive attitude and spirit.”

Confirming the news also was a Tatto community (Metamorphosis) on their Facebook page:

“I just heard that Yann Brënyàk passed away  This is a big loss for the body modification community and we are really sad. 😔 😞 My condolences to all the family and his friends, we send you a lot of love and support ❤ Yann, we will never forget you and your amazing work. You are a true inspiration for us.
Thank you for everything Rest in peace”

Yann Brenyak is from London, he was notable for removing a layer of skin with a scalpel in the shape of the design and then fills the pattern with ink in a process that he calls ‘scarification.’

The Swiss-born artist specialises in body modification and carves all sorts of shapes from portraits to skeletons in a gory style that has earned him over 16,000 followers on Instagram.

While many people, including tattoo fans, may find his technique stomach-churning, the Swiss-born artist says he is using his skills to help people feel good about themselves.

Yann during an interview with FEMAIL revealed that he helps people to change their appearance through body modification so they can ‘be how they want’.

he was inspired to create the technique as the only way to replace a tattoo is to create a ‘scar’ over the top.

He said: ‘I was obsessed with making something different as I love a challenge.’

Yann posted his creations on Instagram, tagging them as #scarification and #facial scar. An image of a man with a diagonal scar across his face on his cheek has been liked over 500 times on his Instagram, so there’s clearly an appetite for his designs.

Yann’s own face features micro-dermal implants, manipulated eyebrows, lots of ink and scarification, a giant skull on his forehead along with bifurcated tongue, named after the process that splits it in two.

Yann speaking with Vice said: ‘This is not any more extreme than someone getting plastic surgery, and it’s less painful.’

He asked his parents for a tattoo at a young age after seeing an image online of a heavily tattooed man but when his parents felt he was too young his step-mother gave him henna tattoos instead.

Yann then branched out from traditional tattoos, of which he has many and started the scarification.

After practising on his own legs, Yann completed his first successful graphic skin portrait, an image of singer Björk in 2013.

But Yann is passionate about his craft.

He told Vice: ‘Changing my body has been a desire deep inside me for my entire life.

‘It’s always been exciting to me that you can alter your body however you’d like and make fantasy a reality.’

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