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Shooting in Vienna Austria: Terrorist attack in a Jewish synagogue in Vienna



There is an ongoing terrorist attack in a Jewish synagogue in Vienna, Austria there has been reports of shooting at different locations especially a Jewish synagogue in a Jewish community centre and surrounding areas.

The active-shooter is currently shooting at the synagogue in Vienna., the shooting involves two police and unidentified individuals.

A viral video uploaded about few hours ago showed the footage of the shooters hiding away from the police behind a small building.

A man shouts as the signals pass, while behind the bicycle rack you can see the pedestrian crashing.

In the video, you can also see lights flashing from police cars. The Austrian Interior Ministry said one person had been killed and several others injured in the incident.

The power of the city wrote in tweets. “Urgent. A large police operation is currently underway in #InnerenStadt.

“We are more and more in place with our resources.

“Currently, more precise circumstances are being gathered. “As soon as we have more details, you will know here.”

Police said all available forces were stationed in the area.

The forces confirmed many casualties.

They said. “The shots fired in the inner city district. There are wounded. SAVE from all public places or public transport. ”

The Austrian public broadcaster ORF quoted eyewitnesses as saying that several shots were fired at a synagogue around 8pm.

The suspects who attacked multiple locations including a Jewish synagogue have also set off IED(s) in the vicinity of the synagogue in according to Kronen Zeitung.

Police call the incidents a “large evolving situation of a terrorist attack.

It is still not known what happened or led to the shooting.

This is a developing story, check on this page for more details later

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