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Legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev rumored dead



Few days ago many people came across shocking news about heart attack that struck the legendary cricketer Kapil Dev. It was later revealed that he had undergone angioplasty surgery in Delhi.

But this morning the news circulating around the social media was not so pleasant for Paaji fans, as he became a victim of death fraud.


There were several posts on social media mentioning the death of the veteran. Such posts are still circulating.

One of the users wrote: “I do not believe it, but they are life partners. “RIP Kapil Dev is the only cricket gentleman.” And many share the same text, thus confusing everyone.

Former cricketer Madan Lali, who was a teammate of “Kapil Devi”, cleared the air of news of death. Writing on his Twitter page, he wrote: “Speculation about the health of colleagues and is insensitive and irresponsible.

Our friend Kapill D’s on the road to recovery and improvement every day. At a time when the family was under stress due to his hospitalization, please let me be sensitive. ”


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