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Comedian Park Ji-sung reportedly dies at the age of 36



Popular comedian Park Ji-sun who is already 36 years this year was allegedly found dead on Tuesday morning at a house in Mapo, western Seoul, police said.

According to reports gathered, The comedian was found dead with her mother.

Although the exact cause of her death is still unknown, police still belives that the 35-year-old might have taken her own life with her mother.

Police are still investigating the case, but suspect suicide.

Park debuted in 2007 as a comedian at broadcasting station KBS. She was widely recognized for her work on various TV shows.


Memories!! In 2010 Seok Hoon cleared up rumours with comedian Park Ji Sun

The guys guested on SBS Radio Power Time yesterday, November 4th, where they discussed of all things their ideal types. Seok Hoon dispels the rumours of his relationship with comedian Park Ji Sun and assures us that they are only “friends”. Ahhh yeah, sure.

He did mention that his ideal type is someone who is intelligent. It’s a plus if she is intelligent and also cute says he. See? It’s the quiet shy guy that we should worry about. Jinho prefers the athletic type by the way.

Seok Hoon also in the past has admitted that his ideal type is “a woman who is clean and has a cute style, like a good housewife type of image”. He prefers someone who is bright and has a sunny personality.

Yes!!! 4 out of 5 ain’t too bad.

Source: seoulntn news , Daily K-pop News

R.I.P Floods The Internet

“Oh, oh my, I thought, because I often get together with the members. Not to mention the shawol MC style is really exciting to see it, especially when you feel at Kibum. Rest in Peace Park Jisung Noona” – By Sal from Twitter

“i still can’t believe it 🙁 she’s one of the mcs i really love and adore the most since she’s so nice and sweet. rest in peace, ms. park ji sun.” – By Jisung Love Bot from Twitter


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