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Carjackings In Philadelphia: 1 Arrested, another pursed by the police



Philadelphia police are investigating an area where one suspect was arrested overnight in a Carjacking incident.

Police say two men seized a Chrysler 300 sedan on the streets of Bristol at around 2 a.m. Monday morning at gunpoint.

1 arrested, 1 person in a large following after a pair of cargo transportation in Philadelphia

Police are pursuing the suspects until they crash into a hunting park on the streets of Percy and Lucerne.

Police have arrested one of the men. The driver escaped and remained at large.

The second car accident is taking place in Kensington.

Police say a black Audi in front of a convenience store on Allegheny Avenue on Front Street was picked up at around 1 am on Monday. That car has yet to be found.

There is no information about the injured yet.

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