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Six cows seriously injured by machete-wielding men in Tebalyala village land dispute



The police investigation is still ongoing, following the circumstances when six cows were seriously injured by machete-wielding men in the Tebalyala Village, Luweero Sub County in Luweero region.

The mayor of Tebalala village, Mr. Kulanima Nsobyan, said the suspects were members of his village family who had been arguing with tenants over land that had changed ownership after a legal sale.

“We have witnessed hooliganism and crime by a former resident of my village, who later moved to Kampala, but his children continue to destabilize peace in our area.

“These people have been imprisoned, but every time they come out, they attack people who claim that the land belongs to their parents, even though it has been sold to different people,” Mr Nsobia said.

Louvre District Police Commander Mr. Abraham Tukunda told the Daily Monitor on Saturday that they had arrested four people so far for allegedly committing this heinous act.

“We have four suspects in custody who attacked the farm and harmed the animals, which allegedly resulted from a land dispute. The suspects already have other criminal cases against them for violence, misconduct and property damage belonging to Mr. Wilson Bakunda. “We do not accept any act of crime or hooliganism,” he said.

Mr Tukunda said that after the investigation was completed, the suspects would be taken to court to respond to cases of animal attacks and injuries.

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