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On “Dateline” – How did Leslie Neulander Died



On Dateline tonight, when Leslie Newlander dies suddenly after accidentally falling into the shower, two friends join forces to seek justice for her.

Here is a preview of Andrea Kenning’s report on the latest turn of events. Leslie was officially pronounced dead at the scene. It was impossible for friends like Mary umb umbelich to absorb the news. MARY UM UMBELIK.

At first, I was confused. I thought maybe the information was incorrect. ANDREAN CANNOT. – Did you say? “How: Details “: MARY UM UMBELIK. I think from the beginning I could not even ask that question because the news was too heavy.

I just cried. Another friend, Terry Barr, heard the news from his daughter, who was close to Enna. TERRY BAR – I just did not believe it.

I just thought that could not be true. En enna sent a group text to her friends that. “My mother died.” “He fell in the shower,” he says.

Terry got in his car and headed straight for the New Zealanders. ANDREA CANNING. What do you think of driving home to the Neulanders? TERRY BAR. I just did not believe it. I just thought. “I do not believe I am losing Leslie.” ANDREA CANNING. And you only know that it is a coincidence. TERRY BAR. Right is right. And it just sounded so cool. Probably Freaky, Sergeant Norton gave a quick assessment after inspecting the scene.

She was not going home soon. TOM NORTON. I asked the fire chief to remove all her paramedics from the bedroom, everyone. I wanted everyone to come out so I wouldn’t have to worry about the pollution.

I called my captain. I told him honestly, I said. “I do not know what I have. But we need to come here. ” Crime scene experts were on their way, but what were they going to find? An accident or something much darker. It was the beginning of a mystery that would torment the community for years to come.

You can watch Dateline on NBC 10 tonight at 8 p.m.

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