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Breaking News: Bosasa former chairman, Angelo Agrizzi granted bail



Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi has been granted bail.

Agrizzi faces charges of fraud and corruption.

He is accused of bribing influential people, including Vincent Smith, then chairman of Parliament’s Correctional Services Committee.

Earlier this month, Agriz was taken from a Johannesburg prison to a private hospital for respiratory problems.

The court made a close deliberation and concluded that he was a flight risk because he did not declare all his foreign assets when he applied for bail.

Agrizzi fell ill a day after being released on bail and has been in the hospital ever since. When she became ill, she was taken to a private clinic. His life partner, Debbie Agritsi, said last week that he was in critical condition after suffering a heart attack last Wednesday.

During an appeal against his bail in the Johannesburg High Court on Monday, Agritsi’s lawyer Manny Witz presented a report from a private hospital specialist stating that Agritsi was seriously ill in the ICU of the hospital where he was on ventilation dialysis.

Witz said Agrizzi was tied to a bed and three armed guards were inside the ICU, making it difficult for doctors to see him.

Witz said the magistrate had made a mistake by not paying more attention to Agrizi’s medical condition when he refused bail. Witz added that another reason for Agrizzi’s release on bail was the weakness of the state’s corruption case against him.

Witz says the facts show that the two payments made to Agrici’s defendant, former ANC MP Vincent Smith, came from Bosasa, not Agritsi.

The state opposed the offer to release Agrizi on bail.

Prosecutor Arno Rosuu said the specialized commercial court had indeed taken Agrizi’s health, age and other illnesses into account when denying him bail. Rosuu said Agritsi preferred to mislead the court about the location of his property.

He said that Agrizi was presented with a certificate by the investigating officer on the day of his bail application, which showed that Agritsi could not reveal that he and his wife of general jurisdiction had transferred offshore accounts around R24m from December 11, 2018, to 2019. January 19, In response to this accusation, Agritsi still refused to acknowledge the number of funds he owed to Debbie Agritsi’s offshore accounts.

“Accordingly, it is respectfully presented that the appellant’s reluctance to trust the court with his foreign assets indicates his intention to flee when the next opportunity arises,” Rosuu said in the dispute, where the state opposes bail.

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