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Congolese art collector Sindika Dokolo have passed away



Sindika Dokolo the Arts collector and husband to Africa’s richest woman (Isabel Dos Santos) has died on October 29 2020, multiple sources say.


Several sources confirm his death in Dubai this afternoon of the Congolese businessman Sindika Dokolo.

Aged 48, Sindika Dokolo was a collector of African works of art.

He was the son of Augustin Dokolo, a Zairian businessman recognized for having created the first Zairian bank. He was recently splashed by the Luanda Leaks scandal in which his wife Elisabeth Dos Santos, daughter of former Angolan President Édouard Dos Santos, was widely cited.

In the Congolese political sphere, he was known for his opposition to a third term of Joseph Kabila.

He is the initiator of the citizen movement “Les Congolais Debout”.

Before  his death, Dokolo together with his wife (Isabel Dos Santos) were under investigation for allegedly embezzling state properties.

Few Things You Need To Know About Sindika Dokolo

Sindika Dokolo was born in 1972. On March 16. He had one of the most powerful collections of African contemporary art, with over 3,000 pieces.

He was raised by his parents in Belgium and France. Augustin Dokolo, owner of the bank, millionaire African art collector, and his Danish wife, Han Cruze. He attended the Lyceum of Saint-Louis-de-Gonzaga in Paris, where he graduated. ; He later studied economics and foreign languages ​​at the Universities of Pierre-Marie Curie in Paris.

In 2002, he married Isabel dos Santos his wife, the eldest daughter of former Angela President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. He and his wife are now under investigation for allegedly embezzling their property, which they deny.

At the initiative of his father, he founded an art collection at the age of 15. In an interview with the Angolan TV channel TPA, Cindica Dokolo said that her parents already love art very much. His mother took him to visit all the museums in Europe, and his father. He was a great collector of classical African art.

In 1995,  he decided to return to Za air to join a large family business. A total of 17 companies (banking, breeding, fishing, coffee export, real estate, distributor of consumer goods, transportation of goods, printing, insurance, mining և car sales).

The country collapsed, their activities could not survive. These family businesses were later nationalized by the Za Airi Government in 1986 under President Mobutu Sese Seko.

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1 Comment

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