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Pastor Tapiwa Freddy files court case against Colonel Richard Mapanda for threatening to shoot workers at Lazania Gold Mine


Well-known preacher Tapiwa Freddy, known as T. Freddy, has immediately appealed to the Supreme Court, requesting an order from High Court requesting that Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Colonel Richard Mapanda invade his mine in Mazowe.

It happened after the army chief visited a mine last Friday and threatened to kill the workers if they refused to vacate the property he (Mapanda) claimed belonged to him.

Through his lawyer Jivas Mudimu of Mudimu from the Mudimu Chamber of Laws, the Prophet F. Freddy said that he was the director of the Lazania Gold Mine , which had a license to carry out mining operations at the request of Mazowe.

“The applicant is a mining company engaged in the prospect of gold mining in an area of ​​about 100 hectares, located in 1566 in the Masonland mining area of ​​Armenia, under a special grant, attached to it as an” A “appendix,” said Freddy. its founding certificate.

Harare’s gospel minister said that his company had gone through all the necessary processes for registration, an environmental impact assessment certificate, and that there was no objection to the ownership of the land under his name.

“Despite all the efforts made by the Applicant, which were known to the First Respondent, he never objected. Now that the applicant has started his exploitation, the First Respondent is now disrupting the mine operation by force or threats.”

Later it is read in the announcement. “The applicant’s efforts to stop the first respondent proved that they were having an abortion for fear that a more confrontational approach would lead to violence.

“The possibility that the first defendant unleashed terror on the applicant’s members is unimaginable, as he came with a weapon and promised to shoot anyone who returned to mine.”

Freddie said he was convinced that there was no basis on which the defendant’s conduct was presumed, that he had no choice but to go to court to adjourn.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that he considered the matter urgent because the respondent had persecuted all the workers who threatened to kill them if they did not obey his orders, so the mine would be closed.

The second respondent is Mashonaland East Province Mining Director.

Mapanda had yet to provide proof of his response.

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