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Bedfordview Shooting Today: Car guard shot and wounded (Video)



There has been shooting and robbery in  Bedfordview

According to an eyewitness a patron has been held-up at a restaurant and during the shooting, a car guard was shot and wounded.

It has been reported also that the car guard has been airlifted to hospital.

Police are still carrying out an investigation on what led to the shooting.

Recently, three suspects where injured in a similar incident during a Terrace Road shoot-out, The three of the suspects were taken to hospital under police guard to receive medical attention.

According to information received, officers received a tip-off that a business robbery would take place in Greenstone.

When the suspects realised they were being followed they opened fire at officers on Terrace Road.

“Officers returned fire and injured the three suspects. Once the suspects’ vehicle had come to a stop officers surrounded the car and instructed the suspects exit the vehicle.

“One of the suspects attempted to flee the scene was caught shortly afterwards,” said Mashile.

Officers recovered one hand gun.

The three suspects were later taken to hospital under police guard to receive medical attention.

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