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What You Need To Know About Holocaust Survivor, Judith Dim Evans



Holocaust survivor, Judith Dim Evans has gotten the attention of viewers. Judith appeared in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. She was not in on the movie at first, but after her amazing reaction, SBC broke character and explained it all. Judith Dim Evans died earlier this year 2020 at the age of 88. Her cause of death was not disclosed to the public.

Who Is Judith Dim Evans?

Born in Beuthen, Germany Jewish Parents. She was the older of two children. Judith’s father died when was a teen and was left with her mom and grandmother and raised her to till her adult age.

Her grandmother lived a Jewish life with the observance of Shabbat, reciting prayers and cooking Jewish foods, although they never went to a synagogue. Her mom was more of a creative spirit, enjoying the sophisticated culture and philosophical discussions with her German friends.

Judith Estate Sues Creators Of Borat

The estate of Judith Dim Evans who died this summer sued the creators of Borat after that she thought she was being interviewed for a sincere documentary.

Evans estate in legal documents obtained by Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that she was “horrified and upset” after learning that the film “was actually a comedy intended to mock the Holocaust and Jewish culture”. She demanded that the segment be cut from the film because it was done under false pretences.

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