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Who is MP David Morris – Politician banned from buy his running gear from a shop in Lancaster after he voted against free school meals



This man, MP David Morris, who is a politician, will not be able to buy his working clothes from the Lancaster store after he voted against the plan to extend free school meals during the summer holidays.

As anger over the controversial parliamentary vote continues, Morecombe and Lunesdale MP David Morris has become the latest to face a local backlash.

He and 321 others rejected a program that would allow families to see food rations until the next Easter holiday during the school holidays.

Now he will not be able to buy his running gear at Kanc Arcade, Lancaster Runners Center.

A sign was posted on the window. The MP was “included in the top ten MPs demanding expenses.”

This is the Runners Centre in Kings Arcade, Lancaster has banned the local MP for life lists Mr Morris’s expenses as 67 77,676.00 between June 1 and May 31.

He would have to spend 200 80,200 to be in the top ten last year.

The sign also says: “He voted for a 00 3400.00 salary increase” before adding: “Thatcher is hungry for miners. Morris has starved minors. Recently, proposals have been made to increase the salaries of MPs to around 3000 3,000, but this has been set by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Body, and MPs are not given a vote.

Some, however, have pledged to give it up.

Several other conservative politicians have been criticized for voting in their local constituencies.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak was banned from visiting his local tavern for not supporting the program. Thousands of local businesses have joined the campaign to offer free food as part of a campaign led by footballer Marcus Rashford.

Lancashire is one of the few areas in the United Kingdom that currently has three of the most severe levels of blockade, which means that several hospitality companies have had to stop.

Ian Bailey, owner of the Runner Center, told LancsLive: “But soon it becomes clear that it is one rule for them, another rule to block the north of the country so that the south of England in particular can stay open. It is very unfair when it has great economic consequences for the poorest. Society: It is simply disgusting for David Morris to vote against extending a child food loan when he himself sits in Parliament to receive subsidized food in Westminster, where he will not grant the privilege to anyone. It’s just completely wrong. So we banned him from this store. ”

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