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Victoria Beckham, her husband David and their nine-year-old daughter Harper, enjoys a pleasant weekend with their dog



English singer-fashionista Victoria Beckham enjoyed a few days on the weekend with her husband David and their daughter Harper.

The 46-year-old TV personality took to Instagram on Sunday to share some fun family photos as she hugged her seven-year-old daughter.

She also gave fans a fresh look at his family life, smashing a picture of David sitting in his arms with their beloved cocker spaniel.

David glared at the camera, wearing a smart gray shirt and a beige hat as he leaned into their pet trap.

Victoria looked as bright as ever when she took a sweet selfie with Harper, who looked comfortable in her checked pajamas.

Apparently enjoying spending time with her baby, she captioned the Instagram story “From My Everything.”

It comes after David sparked a lot of controversy among fans last week, sharing a moment when he kissed his daughter Harper on the lips.

The 45-year-old football legend saw that he was enjoying some quality time with his youngest generation, as they were looking for food for fruits and vegetables.

However, when the former Spice Girl Victoria posted it on her Instagram account, the divorced followers soon started arguing over whether she considered it appropriate.

She wrote: “It always makes me uncomfortable to see lips kissing with babies and children, but I’m sure I’ve done it myself many times, without any [children] or my little nephews.

“People associate kissing on the lips as an intimate activity between lovers, but some cultures do it with everyone, they know how to separate reactions from love, from love, from intimacy. We just have to reach that level, stop being weird because of our own problems. ”

In the pictures, David noticed a throwing father as he recounted their fun day together at the Dilsford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire.

David with Victoria and is shared by the sons of 21-year-old Brooklyn, 18-year-old Romeo and 15-year-old Cruz.

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