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The manager of packed Sandton nightclub, Blackdoor have been arrested after a police surprise raid



Overcrowded Sandton nightclub Blackdoor in Johannesburg manager was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning after a police raid.

Police said he was arrested for violating the rules of the lockdown.

SAPS, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, the Gauteng Traffic Police and various law enforcement agencies closed the nightclub early Sunday morning.

This is after more than 300 sponsors were found in the facility after the allegedly midnight curfew.

Shots taken during the bust show that the nightclub is full of opportunities.

Police Minister Beke Cele, who was also present during the raid, said there was no social distance, no one was wearing a mask.

“It tells you that if the second wave comes, many will not be able to survive.”


Cele’s spokesman Liransu Temba confirmed that Blackdoor’s manager had been arrested for violating a blockchain regulation.

The manager was taken to the Sandton Police Department.

Temba said that more than 80,000,000 rubles worth of drinks were confiscated.

Meanwhile, in the XO Lounge in Midran, formerly known as Teazers, police found employees still inside the building after midnight.

They were fined R1,000 each for their release.

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