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Qabanga Khumalo leaves Uzalo and fans reacts



Uzalo’s actor, Qabanga has left many of Uzalo’s fans heartbroken as it comes as sad news that he will no longer be Khumalo. But he wrote a letter to his fans before all this news was made official, and now the letter confirms it all.

Lots of drama, soaps in Mzansi and everything Mzansi connects is not good because of the constant change of characters, you get used to this character after a while. And after a while, you have to adjust to another character in which the hero is killed.

Uzalo also confirmed that Baby Cele (Gabisile) and Siyabonga Shibe(Qabanga) are leaving the show.

Here’s what will happen to Qabanga on Uzalo, one of the soap opera’s favourite characters.

He will be killed during the “Uzalo” show, he will be replaced by another hero, but Mazani has broken his heart because of Qabanga’s fame.

There have been rumours in the past that Siyabonga “Qabanga” Shibe and Baby “Gabisile” Cele have both been expelled from Uzalo, and this letter from Qabanga may be a confirmation.

But he told his fans that he would not be unemployed, they would see him and Gabisile on another show, as there had been rumours in the past that they might join another TV show.

This is why he is leaving

Uzalo Qabanga and Gabizile, where they resigned after contacting the producer. Uzalo’s beloved couple spread rumours after rumours spread that they should be removed from the Uzalo show. There are rumours that Uzalo actor Siyabonga Shibe is going to leave the show. Siyabonga Shibe plays the role of the popular ha abanga.

The news was confirmed by entertainment news guru Phil Mfela, who said that the actor is preparing his answer to the soap. Rumours were circulating that Shibe had been removed from the soap in June, but he vehemently denied the rumours. Now I can confirm that the actor is leaving the show.

Rumor has it that the most beloved screen couple from Qabanga And Gabisile was fired from Uzalo by the direct influence of the daily drama series. Although no reason was given for his release, Uzalo’s writers have previously claimed that they will not fire the actors, but their storytelling history is simply running out. Qhabanga’s story may come to a conclusion during the show.

Uzalo Fans Reacts


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