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Marvel raps up production of ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’



The shooting of the next Marvel show “The Legend of Shang-Chin and Ten Rings” is over. Destin director Daniel Creton and Simo Liu’s role model on social media announced that the team has finally managed to record all the material.

The actor mentioned that “Shang-Chin” will be Marvel’s first film about Asian superheroes in the private Facebook group “Gentle Asian Features”. Filming began in February. A month later, the shooting site was closed due to a coronavirus epidemic. Implementation resumed in July. The premiere of the comic book show is scheduled for July 9, 2021. All those who hated us because of our skin color  and All those who felt worse because of their skin color. NEVER AGAIN. “This is OUR movie. After this event, Hollywood CANNOT ignore us,” Lew wrote.

The protagonist of the film is Shang-Chin (Liu), an orphan with special powers. Raised in an exceptional children’s school run by Mandar (Tony Chiu-Wei Lung), he and his peers spent his entire life preparing for a tournament featuring some of the greatest martial arts masters. The winner will receive ten rings that allow him to dominate the elements. Shang-Chin, however, does not want such a fate, he lives in hiding after escaping. Years later, Mandarin finds his student and offers him an offer he can not refuse. Shang-Qin will take the place of the old man in the upcoming tournament, and in return for the victory, he will restore his freedom. Iron Man 3:

As you can easily guess, the film will go back to the classical martial arts convention with elements of fantasy. Shang-Chin will learn, for example, the ability to create illusions և clones during a fight, կմ players from alternative sizes և distant planets will take part in the tournament. The film will focus on “Mandarin” from the thread, as well as changes in the history of Fah Lo Seu (Awkwafina). In the comics, she is the sister of the title character, in the film, her favourite և daughter is Mandarin. Sounds interesting?

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