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Diana Putri Desainer – Few Things You Need To Know About Her



Who is  Diana Putri

Real Name: Diana Putri
Age: ——
Birth Place: Mojokerto, Indonesia
Birth Date: ——
Profession: Fashion Designer

Meet Diana Putri, a Surabaya designer whose work is worn by Ariana Grande in MTV VMA 2018.

Diana is one of the City of Heroes designers who managed to bring her name to the attention of the world public,’

She is a 48-year-old beautiful woman and also the owner of Diana Couture .

Before entering the Hollywood market, this designer without a design education background had successfully attracted public clients with Indonesian figures. Like Krisdayanti, Inul Daratista, Jessica Iskandar, and others.

Now, the Petra Christian University English Literature graduate is at the pinnacle of local designers’ dreams, seeing his work-worn by Hollywood hit singer Ariana Grande.

Diana’s turning point in the fashion industry began when she participated in her first fashion show and won the title of ‘Best Designer’.

“Six years of working as a designer, I have never participated in a fashion show because I thought I already have my own market, I already have clients. I feel that I have settled, while fashion shows have a lot of preparation, focus on collections, while there are already many orders,” he said when met at his residence in Dharmahusada Indah, Friday

She also felt that it was time to bring her work to the stage, but it was not just any stage she wanted.

She is a mother of three children, She exhibited her work for the first time in the world at the Global Fashion Avenue Award, and managed to beat designers from various countries by winning the ‘Best Designer’.

According to her, “After winning, a lot of PR Agencies from various countries asked me to join, starting from Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, a lot. At that time I thought about joining LA because my children would want to go to school there,” She said.

However, said Diana, even though she has joined the PR Agency, it does not guarantee that the artist will wear designer clothes, it all depends on their work.

The first public figure to wear her work was Nikki Bella, an American professional wrestler at the 2018 Golden Globe.

“In the award season, a lot of stylists look for clothes for their artists. Usually, one stylist can take up to dozens of clothes. For an A-lister artist, there can be a lot of clothes to choose from and which will be fitted. There is really luck. until the goal, finally the way opens, “explained the woman who was born in Mojokerto.

Not to forget, the old stylist for the singer of ‘7 Rings’, Ariana Grande , Mimi Cuttrell.

August 2, 2018, Diana’s agency contacted, saying that Mimi asked for a costume for Ariana to wear when performing the song ‘God is a Woman’ at MTV VMA 2018 .

However, the costume must have arrived in Ariana’s hands on August 11, 2018.

“Wow, that’s really crazy. But I took it first, I’m sure I can. But immediately dizzy me,” he said with a laugh.

She only had nine days to design, illustrate, and get approval from the diva herself.

“For the A-lister artist, he had to really agree on the design. Then there was a time difference between Surabaya and LA, it was very influential. Every night my cellphone was on, I slept for a while looking at the cellphone,” he recalled.

It’s also not easy to get Ariana to approve of her work, she gets 3-4 design revisions to color.

Ariana went back and forth to ask for a color change, from rose gold, green, lavender, and ending in gold.

“As soon as he agreed, I only had 2 x 24 hours assisted by 8 employees. I made 2 clothes because there had to be a back up with different designs, but the whole thing was exactly the same. Then I was confused about how to send it because if I used a delivery service, it would not be possible to arrive on time. Fortunately, my child’s friend happened to be going to America, so I entrusted him, “he said.

Even after Ariana held the costume, Diana did not immediately receive news whether or not her work would be used.

She can only wait until the MTV VMA 2018 event to find out the results.

“I finally found out when I was on a video call by my son, if my costume was worn by Ariana Grande . Wow, that’s crazy hype. Not only Indonesians, but LA is also amazing because Ari is the number 1 singer, you know, she’s a diva, so picky. So the clothes you can wear with her are amazing. I just found out after the event that Louis Vuitton also offered Ari clothes, but the one chosen was mine, “he said.

The Donatella Versace fan advised local designers to never give up and be friendly with challenges.

“Challenges, difficulties, do not be hostile to them. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the fruit will be,” she ordered.

Pictures Of Diana Mputri Works


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