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Baby “Noah Jesse McGrath” dies after a feeding tube was punctured in his heart when it was out of place



Little Noah Jesse McGrath dies after a feeding tube was inserted incorrectly, piercing his heart, causing him to fall into a heart attack and suffer brain damage.

The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital did not realize their mistake, five months after Noah Essie McGrath had a heart attack a few days after the tube was inserted.

His parents, Victoria John Onston-Millin and Sean McGrath, said they felt neglected and worried about their son’s condition. Victoria said.

“Like many parents, I may not be a medical professional, but I knew when something serious happened to Noah, I did not want to see others fired the way I was.” found out that Noah had died, missing the opportunity to confirm that the centre line was misplaced.

These included misinterpretation of radiology and the inability to draw blood from the line, he said.

The Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, has apologized for accepting “the full forensic report after the investigation”.

Noah was born with gastroscopy, a hole in his abdomen that he recovered hours after birth. His family said he had recovered well, had returned to normal, had “a normal family life, ran to school to pick the boys” and “spent time with his brothers”.

Victoria noted that although Noah’s condition meant that he had spent a lot of time in the hospital, he was expected to have a normal life.

In December 2018, Noah became dehydrated, struggling with feeding, losing weight, and was admitted to a hospital, where doctors placed central peripheral catheters or a PICC line in his chest. The PICC line allows health care providers to deliver IV nutrients to the patient. Victoria said that Noah was “doing well” at first, but woke up early in the morning “very bad” on January 2, 2019. He said he had tried several times to tell employees that something was wrong with Noah.

He said. ‘I cried for help, I cried. Around 1 o’clock in the morning, I called a doctor; at 3 o’clock in the morning I told the doctor “he left”, his eyes were closed, he did not respond.

I was told he was fine. It eats me so that he falls into a heart attack three hours later. ” Noah was taken to intensive care at 8 a.m. after suffering a heart attack, which left him with a severe brain injury before dying at the hands of his parents. on January 9. Victoria said. “Noah’s death asked us a lot of questions. First, how the PICC was installed incorrectly.

Then, as no one understood, despite the normal operation of the radiograph: line.

As his mother, I have also raised several concerns about his condition. These were not taken seriously. Nothing can bring Noah back, but we want to make sure that changes do not happen to another family.

This means changing the way PICC lines are checked, as well as the severity of parental concerns. “Clinical negligence lawyer Terry Kelly from Slater’s Gordon said Noah’s death” should never have happened “was one of the most serious. The cases of clinical negligence he saw were easily avoided.

The NHS Foundation Trust of the University of Manchester noted that “tremendous work” has been done to ensure that concerns are exacerbated and that families are fully supported, including revising they’re long-standing Tell Us Today policy.

They said. “We want to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Noah McGrath.

We unconditionally apologize to Noah’s family that the care we received on this occasion is far below our standards. “Trust has launched a thorough investigation into the tragic death of Noah in 2019.” A number of measures have been taken to ensure that we continue to improve the care and safety of all our patients. “Trust fully accepts the judge’s conclusion after the outcome of the investigation, և we are committed to ensuring that lessons are learned.”

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