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Turkish Kick Boxing Promoter Tarik Solak Has Passed Away



World Famous Kick Boxing Promoter Tarik Solak Is Dead

Famous Kick Boxing promoter who entered the world of Boxing and Kick-Box in the country where he has lived since the age of 5, Tarik Solak has passed away. Tarik Solak was reported to have died October 24, 2020, after a long battle with cancer.

Tarik Solak in Australia receiving treatment due to disease from Melbourne came to Turkey in the treatment began to continue in Istanbul but lost his life today as a result of the sickness.

He was the pioneers of professional kickboxing in Turkey.

Reacting to his death boxer, Billy The Kid in a series of tweets wrote on Twitter – Woke up this morning to some very sad news. Our beloved brother Tarik Solak has returned to his creator. I pray the Almighty Grants Tarik the highest level in Paradise, he was a very good man and will be missed dearly. May Allah give his family patience to deal with this loss.

Turkey Kick Boxing Federation President Salim Sliding, AA said in a statement to reporters, “Tariq lived Left Handed Gentlemen in Australia. Is a long time was being treated for cancer, there is in hospital being treated learned that he died today.” said.

Sliding, “Tarik Solak, was a brother of professional kicker we love the pioneer boxing in the spread in Turkey. Kickboxing had very good service, he gets the right head of both lovers of both our community. Our country has lost such a sports guy. God bless. Condolence again at the lovers in the family I wish.” he spoke.

Tarık Solak was born in Ankara in 1964 as one of the 5 children of a Yozgat family. Tarık Solak, who migrated to Brunswick, Austria with his family when he was only 5 years old, started to live here under harsh conditions. Solak, who became interested in martial arts in order to protect himself from the harsh environment in the city where he had to live, started to study in the field of Taekwondo.

He gained a reputation for his famous waist-high kicks in kickboxing. Solak, who has been involved in sports for 28 years and started carrying buckets at the local sports club, first became a martial arts trainer and then a club manager. Seeing the international dimension of kickboxing at the end of his 20s, Solak drew attention when he gathered 1700 spectators with his show in 1993.

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