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James Dale Reed from Maryland has been charged with threats to harm voters & execute Biden and Harris on national Tv



Meet James Dale Reed Frederick, a man from the state of Maryland, who was accused of threatening to execute former US vice president Joe Biden and his presidential running mate Harris on national television, he also claims to harm voters as well.

According to the United States Department of Justice, James Ames Dale Reed is just a 42-year-old man from Frederick, Maryland.

He was arrested last Thursday after confessing to writing a highly graphic, threatening letter, which he left on the doorstep of Frederick’s residence with signs in support of the two presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Reed is also threatened with targeting Biden / Harris supporters, saying he has a list of home addresses.

The DOJ says Reed delivered the letter in the early morning hours of October 4, and the delivery was recorded by the door camera.

Below you can see an excerpt from the disturbing letter.

“This is a warning to anyone who reads this letter that if you support Biden / Harris, they will be your target. We have a list of տ home addresses of your billboards. We are the ones with those scary weapons, we are yours. When we catch Grandpa Biden, we will all beat him to death until Mrs. Harris bows to him և Anal will rape the barrel of my gun. National Television. ”

The DOJ says there was no contact between Reed’s “residents” where the letter was written. Investigators say they worked on the door camera to identify Reed after receiving information from a citizen.

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