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How is Iran involved in sending spoof emails to registered voters to damage


FBI reports Wednesday morning showed that Iran is behind email threast sent to Florida Democrats.

They believed that Iran and Russia had obtained information about the registration of some American voters, said John von Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence.

The letters, which instructed Democrat voters in Florida to pass on to the Republican Party, were supposed to come from the “Proud Boys”, a right-wing group of Trump supporters who became a beacon during the first presidential debate.

But the e-mails were “fraudulent,” intended to “provoke social unrest and harm President Trump,” said National Intelligence Director John von Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe did not explain how the letters hurt Trump, as they urged Democrats to join the Republican Party.

Many states, including Florida, make voter information, including their names և party affiliation, easily accessible to applicants who request it.

Ratcliffe says both Iran and Russia obtained information about some American voters.

At the same press conference, FBI Director Christopher Uray said that there was no way for Iranian or Russian intelligence to change the voices of Americans.

“You have to make sure your vote counts,” Urey said.

Iran has stepped up its online influence in recent years, often following in the footsteps of Russia to create party news sites that support the Iranian government’s worldview, with little appeal to Israel and Trump.

But this action, which is a more active ploy to make false accusations against Trump’s most disgraceful supporters, is a new front for Iranian action.

“This incident is a fundamental change in our understanding of Iran’s willingness to intervene in democratic processes,” Haltquist said. By mail: “While many of their actions have focused on promoting propaganda in pursuit of Iran’s interests, this incident is clearly aimed at undermining voter confidence.”

Officials in the US elections have repeatedly said that the measures taken by the government in 2020. Ahead of the elections, in response to Russia’s intervention in 2016 Elections will make it the safest in modern history.

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