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Cristiano Ronaldo still tests positive for covid-19 and his presence is in danger against Lionel Messi’s Barcelona for the Champions League



Portugal football star, Cristiano Ronaldo still tests positive for covid-19 and his presence is in danger against Lionel Messi’s Barcelona for the Champions League.


The footballer contracted the virus during the FIFA dates and after a new test the results showed that he continues with the virus in his body.

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for COVID-19 again after the Portuguese Football Federation reported on October 13 that he had contracted the virus while he was with the national team. Although the disease is asymptomatic and in good health, he had to abandon the concentration and chose to continue his recovery in Italy.

The Portuguese star missed the games against Sweden, with Crotone (1-1 in Serie A) and with Dynamo Kiev (2-0 in the Champions League). The question was whether he would play the second duel of the maximum European competition against Barcelona agreed for October 28 , which is still unknown.

Former Real Madrid tested positive for coronavirus again this Thursday after performing a new PCR test , which was required by UEFA to enable him to play, however the Portuguese could not pass the test as reported by the Correio da Manha media , in the first instance .

However, from Italy, different media such as Tuttosport, Sky and Mediaset , revealed that although the “Back to the Game” regulation says that the club must send the results of the PCR tests one week before the next game, in section 7.7 It is understood that it is not necessary for the player to test negative seven days before the duel.

“The protocol then changed and now it is enough to be negative 48 hours before the game , as happened in Bastoni with Inter (cured on Friday 16 and on the field last night, that is, less than a week later),” Mediaset explained . A point that would give Bianconeri fans hope to see their great star at the Camp Nou, in the event that two days before, the studies produced a satisfactory result.

In any case, with the results of this test, Ronaldo will have to start a new quarantine and wait for Saturday , the day when Juventus will carry out the corresponding tests prior to the duel with Hellas Verona. In the event that it is negative, it could participate in the match for the fifth round of Serie A.

The forward will have to continue training at home , as he showed in the last hours, where he was seen exercising on a stationary bike. The images were taken by his partner, Georgina Rodríguez , who did it behind glass and without having contact with him. Cristiano appeared pedaling at an intense rhythm and singing in a very good mood, showing signs of his good mood despite the illness.

In the event that Ronaldo was to test positive again in next week’s tests, the long- awaited duel between him and Lionel Messi , who had not seen each other in the maximum European competition at club level since the 2011/12 edition , it will be truncated.

If this happens, fans will have to wait until next Tuesday, December 8 , the date on which the last day of the group stage will be played , to see the two best players in the world of the last decade fight each other for a place in the next phase.

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