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Breaking News: Russia and Iran have obtained U.S voting registration information



There is reports coming from Boston revealing that Russia and Iran have obtained U.S. voting registration information,

The government’s national intelligence director said this at a rare news conference tonight.

Iran is responsible for e-mails aimed at intimidating American voters, sowing unrest in many states, and Tehran and Moscow have also received voter registration to interfere in the elections. to vote.

Intelligence Director John von Ratcliffe and FBI Director Chris Uray said the United States would charge any foreign countries that interfere in 2020. US elections. Despite the Iranian-Russian actions, they said the Americans could be sure that their vote would be counted.

“These actions are desperate attempts by desperate opponents,” Raktlif said.
The press conference was held as Democratic voters received threatening e-mails in at least four fronts in the states, including Florida and Pennsylvania. did not vote for President Donald Trump.

The act of intimidation of the voters was obviously used by the e-mail received from the state voter registration lists. Email addresses that contain party affiliation և home addresses և may include: Email addresses և phone numbers.

These addresses were then used in obviously targeted spam actions. The dispatchers claimed that they would know which candidate the recipient of the November 3 election was voting for, for which early voting continues.

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